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Grandline: War Torn

After the fall of the World Government, its remnants have quickly scrambled to reconstruct their organization. Now answering to no-one, the Fleet Admiral has become King of the World Government!
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The Staff Information
Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:23 am by Aado
=The Tier System=

Tier Zeroth -  The Gold Administrators
The function of Tier Zero is the absolute command over everything of the site. They handle all aspects of the site and are responsible for making sure that the site continues to exist. System Maintenance, Combat Conflicts, Profile Acceptance, Profile Updates, System Creation and Retention of Plot Involvement, Moderation Moderator, Staff …

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 Caelus Aulburne

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PostSubject: Caelus Aulburne   Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:45 am

   Basic Information
   Name: Caelus "Priest" Aulburne
   Nickname: The Red Joker, Crimson Pariah, Scarlet Fist
   Devil Fruit: Magu Magu no mi

   Age: 22
   Gender: Male
   Race: Human

   Height: 6'0''
   Weight: 195 lbs

   Affiliation: Marine
   Rank: Admiral

   Personal Information
   Vessel: The Nemesis
   Hometown: Fishman Island

   Physical Description: Absent of fear, of anxiety, of concern that others would read his emotions; Priest himself remains impassive in all of his introductions to those around him, disregarding their very meaning when in comparison to his own existence. Perhaps it could be considered arrogance, or just a mere lack of self-conscious, Caelus's face is clean of any emotions, void of them entirely. Such a void gives him a princely, noble air; accentuated by his deathly pale skin, sharp facial structures and confronting blue eyes. A head of black hair crowns him, with twin strands falling at the sides below his chin; no cares are given with such obscurity, for it further augments the sense of regality he provides with every appearance. His figure is kept in excellent shape, representing that of a perfectly modeled statue, no flaw nor overexertion in physique, but mere perfection.
   Clothing: Furthermore, this lack of caring extends to the apparel he prefers to adorn in everyday occasions. Breaking out of the conformity associated with the Marines, Caelus tends to adopt an attire of drastic professionalism mixed with an air of casualness in comparison to the standard Marine Uniform. This includes a black blazer with golden lining over a white-striped dress shirt adorned with a red tie which also has a lavender vest and a white scarf over it. Additionally, he is seen to wear a pair of black pants made of denim and a pair of black shoes preferably sneakers.

   Personality: Caelus, at odds with his arguably intimidating appearance, is actually quite a calm and charismatic individual, with a knack for telling people what they wish to hear and identifying scapegoats on which to direct the target of his words upon; an example being weak leadership of the outlying kingdoms. He is a calm and calculating man, strategist and warrior; who firmly believes that one man can change the world, whether it be from the shadows or through public action. He is very adept at putting forth his own views and getting others to identify with his point of view, often with the result of them warming to his ideals; usually adopting them as their own in due course.

Not only is he a natural orator who can sway others with his words, his eyes have been noted to have a similar quality, as the former generation of Marines and Pirates state "with a mere gaze he could inspire feelings of courage and hope, making others see things from his perspective"; showcasing his impressive charisma and inspiring air even without the use of words. He seems to be well aware of these traits though, and is more than willing to label himself as the catalyst and foundation stone, summed up in his own words to an unnamed Marine shortly following his admittance into the Marines: "I don't believe in conformity." The cynic says, "One man can't do anything". I say, "Only one man can do anything". People followed me in the past, not through fear, but because I inspired them. I gave them hope. I gave them reason for being. I gave them a purpose to aspire to. That was the work of one man. My work. And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat." This makes him come across as arrogant, though this is only half true. He beliefs in his own abilities, knows the limits of each and isn't above stepping aside when he knows he cannot win.

These traits have labelled Priest as a man who, in his own admission, doesn't conform to anything. He holds the view that "when all think alike, then no one is thinking". His lack of conformity to anything is ultimately seen in his sense of dress and actions, as he rarely agrees with the collective whole; usually being the one to offer a different method of doing things or an additional point to a discussion. This attitude, as well as his past rebellious streak, make him a subject of much monitoring within the Marines, as well as a rallying point for others with similar ideals. Former Vice-Admiral, Drake LeCriox, has stated that he wouldn't be surprised if Caelus knew of every plot to overthrow or attempt to gain power that was going on within the walls of Marineford, with Aisu, LeCriox's former lieutenant stating that Caelus is a dangerous man and potentially dangerous future element should he ever turn his impressive charisma and intelligence to ruling, implying that even others, as smart and strategic as the tyrant is, would be no match for Priest's cunning and leadership ability and be trounced in every way.

In addition to his fearsome reputation, brought further through his open defiance of questionable morals an ethics and by his survival of said defiance, Caelus has a side to his personality that he rarely shows to others, the sole exception being his underlings/crew. With them, he acts like a lovable uncle, often with a joking nature and attitude. Whenever others are present though, his previous charismatic air prevails immediately, with the others playing along to ensure the behavior remains concealed.

   Pirate Belief: Not a pirate so...
   Likes: Alcohol, pleasant talks, sunsets, reading, napping
   Dislikes: Ignorant folk, Wasabi, Squid, the color Fuchsia, Being outsmarted

   History: Priest was born amongst the World Nobles that were coming to visit fishman island for a peace negotiation. The negotiation was a ruse to their true motives which were to kidnap mermaids and young fishman to be sold off. Among the ones mistakenly captured an infant named Priest was also taken away from the island to enter into a life of slavery. Priest was sold at auction to a wealthy old couple that wanted a child to raise as their own. He led a privileged life up until the age of six, growing up in the lofty and pretentious world. At the age of six, his family decided to take a trip. Unconcerned for dangers pointed out to them, they left anyway, ignoring advice from lowly sailors and others. It was that voyage that took Priest and threw him on a very different life path than that of his heritage.

Thrown from the boat like most of the rest of his family, only his father, Saint Archibald, was able to hang on. Seemingly only concerned for his own well being, letting the rest of his family drown and drift away in the onslaught of a massive storm.

Priest, washed up on the beach of a small tropical island in the middle of East Blue alone. Quite aware of his father's betrayal towards him and the rest of his family by not even trying to save them, he spent much of his time angry and destructive while trying to survive by himself.

It was on this island that he grew strong and learned to protect and fend for himself instead of having everything handed to him. Going unnoticed for the next few years, he remained alone until he was fated to be found by a pirate crew. A small time pirate Ryan Wallace and his crew, defying the typical stereotype of pirates that Caelus had heard of, picked him up and gave him a ride to the nearest civilized island, leaving him there to continue their travels.

Through the good nature of people, Priest soon lost his angry disposition. He began to make a life there, using his talents to help different people around the little community for the price of a meal or a little money to keep up his little place all the while making sure to push himself and grow stronger.

A few years later, Ryan Wallace returned to the small village bringing in a load of slaves and other "undesirables" from the Goa Kingdom. With them he brought a woman that the man fell in love with from first looking on her. Simply beautiful, Priest met Marie and spent as much time as he could with her.

The community grew with each and every subsequent return of Ryan Wallace and eventually, Priest set sail with the crew for once, not really taking the title of pirate, but "select stowaway". In his travels with the crew, he saw so many pieces of the world that astounded him, good and bad. The experience was just what Priest needed though.

One day they made it back to East Blue and to Priest's old home where the old couple raised him, Dawn Island. They landed in a village, another pirate friendly town and traveled through the island to reach the backside of the area. There was an unfortunate mistake that led Priest to be separated from the rest of the crew and inside the Noble's city all alone. Through a series of misadventure and trials, he developed a deep desire to try and connect with the people there and help them see the world as a place for all, not just the elite. However he was unable to stay in the city as he was. No one knowing that he was not the son of one of their own, he was run out time and time again. So he decided he would become a marine soldier. A protector of the city and the people.

When he returned to his little community on the island, he was devastated to find out that it had been raided and that several of the people had been kidnapped, including Marie. The pirates he had befriended took off to find the criminals who had done this, leaving Priest behind, Ryan telling him that if he wanted to be a marine officer, he couldn't sail with them anymore. Priest understood and set off to build his own life away from them, playfully threatening the pirate with his ultimate arrest at his hands.

With the blood of a noble in his veins and the work of a common man on his hands, Priest set out to hopefully bring the two worlds together and to hopefully find Marie out in the world once more. Priest hugged his mother one last time and looked to his father. He was no longer the young man they remembered as a young boy, but he was still full of life. "Don't die out there," his dad said with a grin. They told each other that before every hunt; it made his chest swell up with pride. Any anxious feelings had left him the night before as he sat awake. Now, he was excited to begin his story and set sail. The tiny, wooden dingy that was to serve as his vessel to the first stop on his journey. The whole idea was rather absurd, but Priest wouldn't be deterred with logic. With nothing more than a couple of wooden oars and the clothes on his back, he shoved off and waved goodbye to his old life.

The sea was an unforgiving mistress, is what he had heard. The stories from the men who actually bothered to travel spoke of her with admiration and fear. Priest had been out on the open sea for no more than two hours, the island was a speck in the horizon, but already the weather was beginning to change. The waves rocking his small ship were swelling and the sky was turning gray. "Just my luck," he muttered, though he immediately wished he hadn't jinxed himself; it hadn't even began to rain. As the sky lit up with a whip of lightning and rumbled with the crack of thunder Priest cursed himself.

   Extra Information
   Extra Clothing: Marine Admiral jacket, Black Blazer with gold trim, Lavender Vest, White Scarf, Crimson Fingerless gloves
   Extra Weapons: n/a

   Relationships: Will be made IC
   Rp Sample: n/a
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Caelus Aulburne
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