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Grandline: War Torn

After the fall of the World Government, its remnants have quickly scrambled to reconstruct their organization. Now answering to no-one, the Fleet Admiral has become King of the World Government!
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The Staff Information
Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:23 am by Aado
=The Tier System=

Tier Zeroth -  The Gold Administrators
The function of Tier Zero is the absolute command over everything of the site. They handle all aspects of the site and are responsible for making sure that the site continues to exist. System Maintenance, Combat Conflicts, Profile Acceptance, Profile Updates, System Creation and Retention of Plot Involvement, Moderation Moderator, Staff …

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 Hidden Island Information

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PostSubject: Hidden Island Information   Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:35 am

Hidden Island Point System

Upon arriving at the hidden island you are given 5 points. Using those five points, you can take any items that are on the Isle as a reward for arriving and surviving the journey. You may spend these points to take items from the Isle to your heart's content.

How To Reach The Isle

Reaching the Isle where all of these weapons are harbored is fairly simple in rule yet difficult in process. Just follow the following steps and you will be there eventually...maybe.

  • 1: Kill another character. First thing you gotta do is have been in a combat situation that was a deadly one and not for you.
  • 2: Have traveled to all seas. Secondly you need to have had a topic in all of the seas.
  • 3: Make a topic no less than 10k words [Split between three people] of a description of battle against fantastical beings of the Isle's location and sailing to the Isle.
  • 4: Carry with you a crew of at least two people. No single person can manage a ship that is capable of sailing the sea into the Island. Two people are needed to arrive and two people are needed to leave.5: Be ready for a fight. Little do you know IC that there is something in store for you right offshore of the island.
  • 6: Personal Feat:
    For Pirates: Bounty exceeding 100 million Beli.
    For Bounty Hunters: Bringing in at least 150 million Bel in rewards.
    For Revolutionaries: Conquer and take an entire town and govern that town.For Marines: Have killed at least 1 pirate captain or pirate with a bounty exceeding 95 million Beli.
  • 7: Requires at least 50 points in each stat.8: Requires a ship with the durability to take the damage the sea would put on getting near the isle.

Items of the Isle:

Name: Kokutou Yoru/Mihawk's Sword/The Black Blade
[b]Tier: 5
Appearance: Kokutou Yoru or, the black blade, is an ornately decorated and very long blade with a total length of at least 7 feet. On the hilt of this blade is a crossguard, though the bars between the blade and the hilt are much longer than average. The blade itself is pitch black with a very strong sheen, and its shape is similar to the German "Großes Messer", a single-edged long sword with a slight curve at the end of the blade.
Abilities: Kokutou Yoru or, the black blade, is the most durable weapon in the world. It also shares the title of the sharpest blade in the world. While this weapon is almost utterly indestructible so to is it sharp enough to, upon direct contact, cut through almost anything else. Secondly this blade has the ability to release a wave of energy capable of the same damage of the blade itself upon the user's will.
Points: 5
Availability: Open

Name: Kiribachi
Tier: 5
Appearance: The Kiribachi is a gigantic sword,It has six saw-toothed patterned blades, resembling a shark's saw-like teeth. Each Blade is stronger than the average sword by far but not anywhere near unbreakable. The difference is with the multitude of blades even if some of it were to be broken the entire sword would not decrease in power, ability, or destructive power in the slightest. This coupled with it being a grand total of nine and a half feet long.
Abilities: N/A
Points: 1
Availability: Open

Name: Outou and Kogarashi
Tier: 5
Appearance: Outou and Kogarashi are a pair of double-edged swords, Their shape is quite strange: they have regular tsubas protruding on four sides, and red hilt wrapping, but their blade is very large and it grows thinner near the tip.
Abilities: These blades have a very powerful air based power. Upon slashing in a manner similar to Kokutou Yoru a blast of pure air is emitted from the blade. While the blasts cause very little damage compared to other special blades who emit things from the blades the air once expelled can be manipulated by the user.
Points: 3
Availability: Open

Name: Ohm
Tier: 5
Appearance: A giant sized Katana blade. The blade is made of a material that is as strong as steel and as light and flexible as the clouds. At the base of the blade is a milky dial giving it special properties. But over time the dial has been so attached to the blade that it cannot be separated.
Abilities: The blade is flexible as well as strong which makes it very difficult to crack or break while at the same time it is light and quick. Also the milky dial at the base of the blade gives it the ability to transform quickly into any other item. Such as a whip or a wall.
Points: 3
Availability: Open

Name: T-Bone Blade
Tier: 5
Appearance: This blade is a straight double edged sword. A greenish hue covers it. It has a Japanese style hilt at the base with a very non elaborate guard and appears to be one of the least ornate of all of the isles weapons and in fact looks like your average double edged longsword. The only difference is the green color of the sword which is a special material stronger than steel yet with the weight of copper.
T-Bone Blade has the ability to, when swung, create a wave of energy that itself can cut with equal ability to the already powerful blade. With every slash the blade sends out a line of energy while with blades like Kunkutou Yoru the ability can be switched on or off depending on the will of the wielder.
Points: 2
Availability: Open

Name: Shuusui
Tier: 5
Appearance: This blade is red and black. It is made of an unknown material with the feeling of steel but with strength much beyond that. The red of the blade can be seen on the flower like edges on the sides of the mostly black blade. The hilt of the blade is not very ornate yet the guard of the sword is unique in it's flowery manner.
Abilities: The blade is known for it's hardness. It is one of ,if not, the strongest made blades in the world. While it also enhances the defenses and destructive power of the user's own physical body. Any move the blade could block so too could the wielder if they use Shuusui to do so.
Points: 4
Availability: Open

Name: Wado Ichimonji
Tier: 4
Appearance: The sword is a pure-white hilt, with a circular hand-guard. The blade and it's sheath both share a pure whiteness about it. While it seems that even dirt and dust and blood cannot hinder the awe inspiring pureness seen in the blade. Though aside from those features the blade is fairly normal in appearance to most Katana.
Abilities: While this blade does not have the same abilities as it's sister sword Shuusui it is even stronger and more durable than Shuusui. The most renowned aspect of this blade is not any power of it as far as offense but that it is a completely and utterly unbreakable sword.
Points: 4
Availability: Open

Name: Nidai Kitetsu
Tier: 5
Appearance: Nidai Kitetsu is the opposite of Shussui. The point of this blade is not the offense and defense of it's counterpart blades but instead enhances the physical properties of the one who is considered it's master. The blade has a sheer black hilt with a sheer gold guard and a white and silver lining. Abilities: The Nidai Kitetsu is the complete embodiment of stats. The addition is 250 Strength, 200 Stamina, Speed 250, Agility 200, and Durability is 250.
Points: 4
Availability: Open

Name: Cat Claws
Tier: 5
Appearance: They are two furred gloves, at the end of each finger and thumb is a katana blade, which creates gigantic iron claws that, overall, resembles long cat claws.
Abilities: The cat claws are blade's that are as strong as Kiribachi each. These blades after some training can be used as either an overwhelming attack force or as a speedy attack weapon that can destroy all that is in it's way.
Points: 1
Availability: Open

Name: Croc's Hook
Tier: 5
Appearance: The hook is made of a tough gold-alloy, which makes it very difficult to break as it can take a full fledged slash from Kokutou Yoru. The golden part is actually hollow, and can be taken off to reveal a secondary hook. This one has a metallic gray color, and has pores all over it. It contains a very concentrated scorpion venom that can dissolve rocks at a mere touch, and paralyzes the afflicted victims until they die of cardiac arrest. The poison is so strong, that it releases a slight purple poisonous mist and liquid through the pores. While the second hook is much less powerful than the golden external one. The second hook is only the strength of iron.
Abilities: As described in the appearance the hook is a powerful weapon in itself. After that another hook is hidden underneath made of iron and below that is another switchblade made of steel. The poison however is the most powerful object of the weapon.
Points: 4
Availability: Open

Name: Newgate Bisento
Tier: 5
Appearance: A common type Bisento, a huge and heavy Japanese polearm. A weapon suited to fit the size of it's original owner being five times larger than the average Bisento. The actual pole is striped black and red ending in a spherical edge, and a curved, large blade attached to the pole via a golden part, decorated by what looks like a sea snake, with a thin part of it protruding on the blade itself.
Abilities: The Newgate Bisento can take a hit from any weapon without visible damage or internal damage. It is also immune to being afflicted by external erosion as well as natural disaster type attacks. For example even lava covering the Bisento would take no effect. Not only the blade is of his level but the entire weapon. The weapon can be used for the effect of an add on of Devil Fruit. The devil fruit can be amplified through the Newgate Bisento.
Points: 5
Availability: Open

Name: Gold D's Sword
Tier: 5
Appearance: For most of the world this blade looks like a common cutlass. A large ornate base attached and a long curved blade after the guard. The difference however is in the ability and power of the blade.
Abilities: Gold D's sword is made of a fine layered and wrapped metal material that makes it as flexible as gold yet as strong as titanium. The very tip of the blade is made of polished and carved Diamond and extends up to 1 inch down from the top. The guard of the blade is made with a secret switchblade tipped in the same way similar to Croc's hook and eventually reaching the hilt of the blade hidden inside is another hidden switchblade but this is only made of steel. Both accessibly by a small button hidden between the hilt and guard.
Points: 4
Availability: Open

Name: Gold D's Pistol
Tier: 5
Appearance: The pistol is a large thing. About 13 inches long with about a 5 inch guard to the trigger. It can carry up to 7 bullets at a time and one of the containers which would carry the eighth is broken. It is ornately made and lined with metal wreathing and gold lining even on the inside of the gun.Abilities: The pistol itself is capable of firing a bullet at 125% of the real word average 9 mm pistol.
Points: 2
Availability: Open

Name: Gold D's Bullet Box
Tier: 5
Appearance: A green and gold box filled with 50 pistol bullets for use in Gold D's Pistol.
Abilities: Each bullet has diamond on the end of it. Allowing it to break through almost anything especially with the force from it's sister weapon Gold D's pistol. The bullets are made of titanium so when fired they don't compress allowing each particular bullet up to 10 uses from Gold D's pistol while about 20 from any other.
Points: 3
Availability: Open

Name: Kessui
Tier: 5
Appearance: Kessui is a naginata, a Japanese spear, with an extra-long spear-blade attached to each end. Each blade is an actual katana, complete with the hilt and guard, effectively making this two katanas linked together into a spear. With two blades and a long reach, the Kessui can be a powerful weapon. The power of the steel on the Katan is able to rival that of modern day Titanium while the pole connecting the katana is twice that durable.
Abilities: Kessui can generate friction from the slightest movement. Upon being moved through the air the user may ignite one or both sides of the weapon with flame. The ignition of the katanas will not cause any damage to either because the two blades on either end of the weapon are completely heat resistant.
Points: 3
Availability: Open

Name: Warden Gloves
Tier: 5
Appearance: These gloves are made of a flexible yet strong metal with studs on along the knuckles and along the wrist. The metal gloves stretch from the finger tips down to the middle of the forearm. These defensive weapons are made of a incredibly thick and durable metal. They can take the damage from any Paramecia, Zoan or Logia class fruit. In essence, to all weapons they are the strength and durability of diamonds but to all devil fruit they are indestructible.
Abilities: The warden gloves are weapons which have no abilities aside from what they are made of. The strength of the special metal they are made of is described above.
Points: 4
Availability: Open
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Hidden Island Information
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