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Grandline: War Torn

After the fall of the World Government, its remnants have quickly scrambled to reconstruct their organization. Now answering to no-one, the Fleet Admiral has become King of the World Government!
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The Staff Information
Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:23 am by Aado
=The Tier System=

Tier Zeroth -  The Gold Administrators
The function of Tier Zero is the absolute command over everything of the site. They handle all aspects of the site and are responsible for making sure that the site continues to exist. System Maintenance, Combat Conflicts, Profile Acceptance, Profile Updates, System Creation and Retention of Plot Involvement, Moderation Moderator, Staff …

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PostSubject: Stat Fields   Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:28 am

Stat Fields

For purposes of feats and combat potency, this site uses a combination of statistical and free form role play. There are five primary statistics (excluding Haki), along with several meta-statistics, that are used as a rough guideline to help aid players in understanding combat interactions, as well as gauging relative strength of players. The five statistics are:


Below are a series of clarifications of approximate feats capable of being performed based on a given statistic's level. Please keep in mind that these divisions are provided for purposes of helping players understand the basic capabilities within certain stat ranges and that there are NO cutoff points whereupon a stat suddenly becomes much more important than another. The difference between a Strength Score of 50 and 51 is no more significant than the difference between a score of 49 and 50; the bracket simply ends there for reasons of simplicity.

└Control is a measure of a character's ability to use an ability whether it be fruit or weapon or fist or anything. It allows a character to control their ability and more information can be found in the ability area. The higher this is, the more things we do not mind you getting away with.

└Longevity is a measure of  two aspects in a character, Stamina and Durability. Durability is a character’s ability to survive. Durability determines how much damage a character can take, and their ability to survive wounds and attacks. It allows a character to step through attacks or survive poisons or wounds without immediate treatment. Essentially, when seeing if an attack will damage your character, durability is the relevant statistic. | Stamina is a measure of a character’s ability to keep fighting. Stamina determines how long a character can last, this includes holding their breath and enduring pain. It allows the character to outlast their opponent or brush off a wound. Essentially, for any task in which one has to keep going, stamina is the relevant statistic.

1-25: Frail. People of this level are classed as generally unhealthy; they have a tendency to catch illnesses with relative frequency and suffer dire effects from even mild toxins. In terms of combat, you can not withstand much other than the weakest of attacks. Fights don't last long and you can't handle more than one a day. You can't hold your breath for more than a few seconds so swimming and diving is not your forte, nor is running for long periods of time since you're easily short of breath.
26-50: Average. They can take a few punches before succumbing to unconsciousness, and have little resistance to illness or poison. They have a mild tolerance for hot or cold weather, can jog for long stretches, and can run for a few minutes before tiring. You've gotten better at breath control so you're a better swimmer at least but still won't do it for more than a few seconds. You can take more damage now and keep going but still easily overwhelmed by those of above average strength.
51-150: Strong Body. This stat range indicates a normal person at the peak of their physical health. Those in this range succumb to illnesses only occasionally, and can take a bit more of a beating before going out for the count than the average person could. Things that would of normally knocked you down would probably just push you back now at the most. Bruises and cuts will heal a bit more quickly than normal. They can stand very hot or freezing weather for some period of time, and rarely get sick from normal illnesses. Toxins work through their system quickly, and they have an easy time developing resistance upon repeat exposure. They can jog indefinitely, or run for over an hour without tiring. You can hold your breath for a couple of minutes now definitely.
151-300: Superhuman. Wounds which would incapacitate a normal person are simply taken as heavy blows, and they heal almost twice as fast as normal. You are able to withstand stabs from swords and shots from bullets but only to a certain extent. They may continue to function with open wounds for prolonged periods of time. They can jog with the ease a normal person would walk at, and can run for huge periods of time. Weak toxins and mild illnesses have no noticeable effect on the body, while stronger ones run through their duration more quickly. can take dozens of normal blows before being rendered unconscious. Hot and cold within normal climactic bounds have no bearing on these individuals. They may hold their breath for a little over five minutes.
301-500: Iron Body. Attacks which would bring even strong men to their knees become easily bearable to these individuals, who can also run for hours without breaking a sweat. The level of your defense at this point in time makes people wonder if you are even worth being challenged. The only thing that really hurts you know are weapons made of pure steel or something shot from a very long distance. Not to mention devils fruit. They never grow ill naturally, only becoming sick when exposed to rare and deadly diseases. Wounds, even serious ones, heal at alarming speeds. They develop tolerance for toxins at alarming rates, and are affected by only the most powerful of poisons. They can hold their breath for over ten minutes. Heats well above boiling and colds well below freezing do not effect these individuals.
501-750: Machine-like. Now you are like a fortress. Nothing can really surpass what you have now except for the select group that wish to continue their ability in other areas. No number of ordinary attacks can harm this person; they cannot even feel any but the mightiest blows. Hot and cold, within the limits that do not physically destroy the matter of which the individuals are made, have no effect on their well-being. Most poisons and disease have no noticeable effects; only the deadliest of either will make an impact. Such individuals may run indefinitely, and perform at full strength for any amount of time they like without tiring greatly. They require almost no sleep, can hold their breath for nearly an hour, and any non-fatal wounds tend to close in less than 24 hours.
751+: Impervious. This is what the world considers scary. Every fears your power and you are compared to Whitebeard when it comes to brute defense. Almost no poison or illness in the entire world can phase them. They do not need sleep and regenerate wounds almost as fast as they receive them. The only form of harm these individuals are normally subject too, aside from forces of nature, are old age, starvation, dehydration, and suffocation.

AGILITY└Agility is a measure of a character’s ability to perform acrobatic feats. Agility determines how much a character can move about, and react to an attack. It allows a character to notice attacks, and pull off complex maneuvers. Essentially, when trying to find out if you can pull of stunts or react, agility is the relevant statistics.

1-25: Crippled. This level of people are clumsy as hell, they usually trip over their own feet and could not do a summersault to save their lives. In terms of combat they cannot dodge anything other than the slowest of attacks. They cannot usually form any complex sort of maneuver and cannot hope to escape out outrun anyone if there are any obstacles in their way.
26-50: Average. This is the speed of an average human male.
51-150: Zippy.  These people are at an athletic level of grace, they can dodge things are a normal human level easily and can do backflips easily. These people can zip through tight spaces with ease performing semi-complex maneuvers on the fly. They can easily wiggle themselves free when tied up and can do handstands for quite some time.
151-300: Gymnist.  These people can perform complex maneuvers as easily as a normal human can put a fork to their mouth. They can dodge attacks with ease most of the time and escape attacks, traps, and such without so much as a thought. These people can scale a mountain without breaking a sweat and can balance on a tight rope easier than most can walk. At this level people can dodge bullets.
301-500: Human Slinky.  These people seem to be without spines and can move as if most of their body is cartilage. They manage to squeeze through the tiniest of spaces without so much as a thought and can dodge attacks in astounding ways. They can pull off maneuvers that most people could never imagine and most people do not believe you can be touched. These people can see attacks that most would never be able to register as even a blur.
501-750: Liquid in Humanoid Form.  These people move as though made out of liquid they can dodge things that pass the sound barrier at ease. If they know about an attack there is no way they will get hit by it if they have enough speed. They are unbelievable and could catch even the fastest of projectiles if they so chose to.
751+: Impossible. This is ridiculous, at this level you are untouchable and the only way to register a hit on you is for you to be completely unaware of it. Dodging is beyond a second nature to you and it is more than just an automatic reflex now. User’s at this level can do things that break the laws of physics like a two year old’s arm in a vice grip. The grace they can move with simply does not make sense.

SPEED └Speed is a measure of a character’s ability to move fast. Speed determines how fast a character can perform a task, run, dodge attacks and the like. It allows a character to get off more attacks than their opponent or simply move faster than they could hope to keep up with. Essentially, when trying to find out how fast you go, speed is the relevant statistic.

1-25: Molasses on a cold day. People on this level are considered to be as fast as a cripple without crutches.  Their attacks seem like they take days to land and most people can step aside and hit a person with this speed without having much trouble. They can never run much faster than a slight jog and it is pitiful to see them move about.
26-50: Average. This is the speed of an average human male.
51-150: Speedy. This tier is for people who are as fast as normal humans get, they can run marathon record miles and beat sprinters in the one hundred meter dash. They are rather quick and outclass the average human easily. They could run up to someone with a speed score of 25 and get off an attack before their target could even move out of the way. Their attacks are pretty speedy but still able to be seen by the average human rather easily.
151-300: Runner.  People at this speed can dodge regular bullets easily if they know about them, they are beyond what humans can normally achieve and their attacks can barely be seen by the average human. They run miles in half the time that even Speedy people do, and likewise can beat them equally in sprinting. They are superhuman and can unleash attacks that keep most people on the backs of their feet trying to keep up.
301-500: Fast as fuck. People at this tier can unleash attacks that are faster than the average human can see and even those at their peak have extreme difficulty keeping up with them. These people are extremely fast and can get across vast distances in a short amount of time. Their speed is so much that their actions are seen as a blur to even those at the peak of their human abilities.
501-750: Human Jet. Their movements seem as if they are using Soru all the time. People with this sort of speed are those who can create combos before most can even react. They are freaks of nature and usually bounce their opponents around with their attacks. This speed is so much that it’s in a whole different class than the tiers below them.
751+: Human Blur. At this tier your attacks can only be registered by those with the greatest reflexes and they still have to be around the same class of speed to dodge your attacks. This is faster than Lightning and Light at this level and they can move at these speeds easily as a normal person can walk around. These people are ridiculously fast and most people know better than to fight people these fast.

└Strength is a measure of a character's muscle or physical power. Strength determines how much power is behind a melee attack and how heavy an object a character may lift. It allows them to hold or grapple others as well as to break out of restraints. Effectively, for any task where inertia is changed, strength is the relevant statistic.

1-25: Weak. This strength is what you'd expect of a woman or child. People with this usually can't lift more than 40kg. Melee attacks are very weak and cause little damage.
26-50: Average. This is the strength of an average human male.
51-150: Strong. A character with this stat is above average, basically a trained soldier or a manual laborer. Can easily lift up to 100kg, max-capacity becomes around 130kg. Melee attacks cause as much damage as a lightweight boxer or a bar brawler might. People with this strength can break thin planks of wood or sheetrock.
151-300: Weight-lifter. This is the range where characters start becoming super-human. Lifting 200kg becomes an easy task, and melee attacks are comparable to pistons. They can pierce through thin stone surfaces or wooden beams.
301-500: Superhuman. Characters with these strengths are well beyond the normal level exhibited by most humans. They can lift 10x their strength score in kilograms, can bend thick pieces of metal, and their melee attacks do as much damage as cannons or guns. They can easily break through thick stone walls, entire trees, or sheet metal up to an inch thick.
501-750: Monstrous. This is the range of strength normally only capable of being achieved by giants. Characters with strength in this range can lift 20x their strength score in kilograms, can mold metal with their bare hands, and can snap trees like twigs. Their melee attacks at full force are instantly deadly to normal people, and hit with many times the force of a cannon. They can break though several meters of stone or a third meter of solid steel.
751+: Godlike strength. The mountains tremble and the sea parts when these people attack. Stone and wood are no barrier to them, and it takes a meter of reinforced metal to stop them. The force of their melee attacks will disintegrate most normal people and objects. They may lift 40x their strength score in kilograms.


There are three branches you can choose for Haki; bear in mind that each branch will be different with their own pros and cons to each side. The three branches of Haki are as follows; Haki Specialist, Precognition Haki, and Armor Haki. Keep in mind that each ability retains with you to the next stat tier.

Haki Specialist

As a Haki specialist not only are you not allowed a Devil Fruit, but you also have one Ability Branch less than people that are the same tier as you. Meaning you can only max out at three Ability Branches. How is that fair you ask? Simple, you have to pour less stats into the Haki stat for more gains.

50 – User can now use Stage 1 Armament Haki once per thread, it will increase their strength by a measly 10 points and at this stage is only useful for hitting logia users. Stage 1 Armament Haki can only cover a fist or a foot.

100 – User can now use Stage 1 Armament Haki twice per thread, they also unlock stage 1 Color of Observation Haki which allows them to once per thread activate their ability and have knowledge of an attack before it lands.

150 – User can now use Stage 2 Armament Haki once per thread which can cover a limb up to it’s first joint(knee, elbow) and will boost the user’s strength by 30 points and their durability for that limb by 30 points.

250 -  User can now use Stage 2 Armament Haki twice per thread, it now boosts both stats by 40 points.

350 – User can now use Stage 1 Color of Observation Haki twice per thread, can use Stage 2 Armament Haki thrice per thread.

450 – User can now use Stage 2 Color of Observation Haki which will allow the user to automatically dodge an attack lodged at them from their blind spot. They need not even focus to activate the ability, it works automatically.

600 – User can now use Stage 3 Armament Haki, it covers a whole limb and adds 50 strength, and 70 durability to said limb. They can use it once per thread.

700 –  Stage 4 Armament Haki, Stage 2 Color of Observation can be used twice per thread, Incomplete Conqueror’s Haki. Stage 4 Armament Haki covers the whole body and instead of adding any strength it adds a total of 150 durability. It can be kept up for a total of eight posts before the user is unable to use it for the rest of the thread. At this stage they can use stage 3 Haki eight times per thread, Stage and Stage 1 whenever they desire.  Incomplete Conqueror’s Haki will allow the user to knock out those with 600 less Haki stat total than they are and inspire fear into those with 400 less Haki. Incomplete Conqueror’s Haki only reaches twenty meters from the user.  

800 – Conqueror’s Haki Complete, the big deal, at this stage the user just finished off their Conqueror’s Haki which not only exerts immense pressure causing buildings to crumble up to forty meters from the user but will also cause anyone with less than 300 Haki to pass out immediately within thirty meters from the user. Anyone with 400 less from forty, and anyone with 600 less if they are on the same island.

Precognition Haki

Precognition is the branch those interested in seeing future events take, bear in mind however that just because they can see attacks in advance does not allow them to dodge them if the statistics are too heavily stacked against them.

150 - Able to use the 1st stage of Color of Observation Haki(see above), they can use this once per thread.

250 - Able to use the 1st stage of Color twice in a thread, as well as use the first stage of Armor once per thread.

400 - Able to use the 2nd stage of Color of Observation once per thread, can also use the 2nd stage of Armament once and the first stage twice.

600 - Able to use the 2nd stage of Color three times per thread, can also use the 2nd stage of Armament twice per thread and the first six times.

800 - Able to use the 2nd stage of Color six times per thread, and can use the 3rd stage of Armament twice, the 2nd stage four times, and the first ten times.

Armored Haki

150 - Can use Stage one Armament Haki twice per thread

250 - Can use Stage Two Armament haki twice per thread

400 -  Can use Stage one Color of Observation once per thread, Can use Stage one Armament Haki four times per thread, Can use Stage Two Armament Haki twice per thread.

600 - Can use Stage One Haki eight times per thread, Can use Stage Two three times per thread, Can use Stage Three Armament One per thread.

700 - Can use Stage Three Armament Haki twice per thread, Can use Stage One Color of Observation twice per thread.

800 - Can use Stage One Color of Observation three times per thread, Can use Stage One Armament unlimited times, Can use Stage Two Armament four times per thread, Stage Three three times per thread, and Stage Four Armament Haki lasts for six posts.
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Stat Fields
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