Grandline: War Torn
Welcome to the grand Re-Opening of Grandline! A revamped One Piece role-playing experience that caters to role-players of all skill levels. Join now and receive a complimentary level 2 starter vessel for free! As part of our New Years Celebration Preparation. We have a fun and friendly staff, and no linear plot-line. Experience the open-ended role-playing experience that is Grandline!

Grandline: War Torn

After the fall of the World Government, its remnants have quickly scrambled to reconstruct their organization. Now answering to no-one, the Fleet Admiral has become King of the World Government!
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The Staff Information
Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:23 am by Aado
=The Tier System=

Tier Zeroth -  The Gold Administrators
The function of Tier Zero is the absolute command over everything of the site. They handle all aspects of the site and are responsible for making sure that the site continues to exist. System Maintenance, Combat Conflicts, Profile Acceptance, Profile Updates, System Creation and Retention of Plot Involvement, Moderation Moderator, Staff …

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 Example: Āmābureikā

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PostSubject: Example: Āmābureikā   Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:12 am

Name: Āmābureikā
Main Type: Blunt Weapon
Sub-Type: Tetsubo
Ammunition Type: N/A
Material: Black Steel
Defensive Properties: Being forged of black steel, the weapon itself is able to shrug off most if not all attacks made towards it that aren't enhanced by Level 4 Armament Haki. It's progressive enhancement path is as followed.
T2 - Solidifying  
T3 - Solidifying x 2
T4 - Bound Weapon.
T5 - Special Modification [Stats]
Description: This Tier Five weapon increases the strength of the user by 100, as well as the longevity of the user by 100. The weapon itself its a meter long, with a hilt long enough that the user can wield it with one hand despite the fact that the object itself is quite heavy, heavy enough that you will need a total of 300 strength to actively lift it. The weapon has bands of black steel around it, and is primarily made of mystical wood. [Has no properties at all but as the weapon is black steel and I couldn't find a pure black kanobo, we just have to assume the wood is as sturdy as the black steel.] The tip of the weapon is that of an oni's face.
While on a mission to capture the Captain of the Black Sun pirates, Bobby came across members of the crew looting a destroyed warship that was carrying a very renown blacksmith famed for his artistry with Black Steel. Bobby at first didn't see the value of saving the man, as he didn't realize that the old man was a blacksmith, but figured he would capture the members of the Black Sun so that he could find the captain and gain his reward. Due to Bobby not being the most active chatterbox, the old man mistook the intentions of the freelancer, and gifted him his most valuable creation. Bobby, had already had experience using arms before, and accepted the weapon without realizing its value. After encountering the captain, Bobby decided to use the weapon, and to his surprise he dispatched the New World pirate easier than he anticipated. Ever since he honed his skills with the weapon. Never using techniques with it, but being able to handle himself with the weapon.


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Example: Āmābureikā
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