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Grandline: War Torn

After the fall of the World Government, its remnants have quickly scrambled to reconstruct their organization. Now answering to no-one, the Fleet Admiral has become King of the World Government!
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The Staff Information
Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:23 am by Aado
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 The Boy Who Lived, Come to Die.

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PostSubject: The Boy Who Lived, Come to Die.    Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:30 am

Episode One: The Boy Who Lived, Come to Die.

Bobby had been in Tequila Wolf for quite some time now enjoying the buzz of the busy citizens that had surrounded him. It was quite educational to be here, as it was commonly known as a slave labor town. Not wanting to be the type of person who would relish in such actions, he was quite sure that he was the cause of quite a few slaves captures over the years. He walked briskly, keeping pace with one of the patrol officers that he had been conversing with for some time now. He wasn't shocked that the slaves needed organization.

"It's been quite some time Mr. Breaker, we are well aware of the situation involving the attempted breakout that happened last night. Those escapees couldn't have gone far. This is for sure. Your commission from the last three escapes has come in already. We will most likely not be needing your services for the foreseeable future. After-all you're quite the expensive freelancer." The officer spoke freely. His pompous nature earned from years of service to the World Nobles, to the crown. It was quite enthralling really. Bobby crossed his arms as they walked, his eyes blackened with disappointment. "That so?"

Without hesitation, Bobby sped up his walking. "If my services are no longer required, then I must be on my way. It's been a pleasure." He stated respectfully, a well paying client was a well paying client. However this didn't mean they had a choice in what tasks he would preform or not. He was not sure of what to do here on this long ass bridge, but he was heading back towards the inner land so that he could find his ship. The tiles beneath his feet were cobblestone, and the bridge was sturdy enough to not sway drastically.

His eyes were heavy, sunken into the back of his head with thought. His focus was attuned more to the sounds of the waves crashing besides him, memories of a life he had long lost, flooding into his mind like never before. His breath loaded with heat, as wisps escaped. He anticipated as much. He had been running from his past for so long, and yet here he was. Deep within the East Blue, attempting to avoid his native Alabasta. He was not the kind of man to face his demons, but perhaps it was about time that he did.

It was futile for him to keep himself preoccupied forever. He had been lodging here in Tequila Wolf for three months now, simply keeping himself a belly full of rum and a mind full of hope. He was unfortunately at a slave country, so he was never allowed to enjoy time with the location fruits. Despite the fact they were indeed slaves, they were first and foremost property of their respective masters. Bobby didn't like that most of the jobs he had gained over the past three months made him considered a slave hunter, and he sought unique work now.

As the young male passed by a few of the so called campground houses, he had noticed that one had been modified with equipment outside of it, it was a tavern like building to which he had not been a local of. Intrigued, as well as parched, he made his way within the cloaked building, and took a seat at a table towards the back. A frail young lass brought him his drink, before attending to her duties once more. He had noticed they only had one sort of brew here, a product of the environment. It was disappointing, this poverty.

He lifted the densely cleaned mug to his lips and took within him a bit of the mix. The music blared within the small pub, it only had two other patrons. A worker, and a guard. Both whom sat at differing tables. It could be seen that the guard came here to be alone, as he had propped his gun up against a wall and kept his head low while being a contemplative state. The other man was not as self indulgent. Swaying to the badly produced music that was being played by a few bard-like men standing cornerside.

Bobby had figured that this bar was out of the way because it didn't serve the main forces of the patrols here in Tequila Wolf. Rather it was a back up pub for overcrowding. In the main pub, the differences were night and day. They had a fine selection of brandies, and malts. Regardless of your preference, they often supplied it. Despite not being fans of wine. To make sure that you didn't gain cottonmouth, they kept an assortment of nuts and berries. Usable at patron digression. It had improved lighting, but it wasn't that impressive otherwise, similar to here.

On the contrary this place was more rundown than it should of been. It was clear that the slave posing as bartender here had worked here due to injury, otherwise it would be more of a punishment to be forced to polish glasses 24/7, more so than it would be to be out in the cold fixing up a bridge. Despite the observations of the now hooded man, as he had placed it on unknowingly, he figured that this tavern was a good place to devise his next job. He had not gained courier letters in some time, and he was not the type of freelancer who worked on open contracts strictly.

The man himself was known to work on private contracts, gaining a reputation for doing most jobs so long as the death of children was prohibited. His current epithet was very simply, "Clean" Bobby as it appeared he had been very good at not getting stains upon his clothing during missions. He was considered to be discreet, not even leaving a blood trail to follow. Though his fruit was the main attributing factor to his fame. It was puzzling therefore, that the courier had not arrived today.

Without causing a fuss, the man stood up and placed a few beris from his pockets onto the table, paying for the drink respectfully before waving gently towards the broken man before him. He left the small pub without a word, smirking to himself at how this world full of riches could still cater towards such horrendous living conditions. He didn't know if the man behind the bar had been some notorious criminal back in his day, or was simply a slave captured and brought here, quite frankly he cared little. He was positive that working on Tequila Wolf's bridge was easy.

That was, however, comparatively to what the alternative would be. Being the personal slave to a World Noble directly or being in Impel Down were the absolute worst case scenarios. Sure there were numerous other prisons that one could be sent too, however Impel Down had been reserved for those special few who were often credited for being bad apples. That was actually one of the reasons he couldn't ever be a pirate, his specific attitude towards Piracy was low, making exceptions only for one woman, otherwise he hated pirates. He now walked towards his ship once more, a figure approaching.

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PostSubject: Re: The Boy Who Lived, Come to Die.    Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:19 pm

Caelus walked down a narrow street which he presumed to have been houses or some sort of residence area in the past. It was clear that the place had been neglected and most often it had been the site of various illegal activity. Although that was not the reason this young man visited this part of Tequila Wolf nor did it involve any aspect of his career. As a marine, but more importantly as a human being he was allowed some free time to himself. This time was spent more often than not wandering around various areas whilst pondering various events in his life. A pasttime that Caelus very much liked to indulge in whenever he got the chance to much to the annoyance of his superiors.

Following the cobblestone streets led him away from the run down taverns, camps, and misery to the docks where his contact awaited. The marine walked a little slower than normal as if he dreaded the idea of having to do his job. This sort of attitude was not uncommon to his subordinates, some even went as far to joke about his leisurely strut. Caelus smiled at the memory, a gesture that seemed to make his eyes shine an eerily blue color despite there being no immediate sunlight in the area. A child following its mother, both dressed in rags watched Priest with conflicting expressions. The little one looked up at Caelus with what appeared to be admiration her eyes, her mother however avoided his gaze and proceeded to yank the child even harder behind her. He couldn't but feel disappointed in the effect his presence had so far on this island.

As he neared the docks the distinct sound of the waves hitting the bridge, and sides of the ships could be heard. The sunlight was stronger in this area, radiating off of the surf giving it just the right shade of sapphire blue. A slight breeze ruffled his marine coat, but did not otherwise remove it despite the fact that it only seemed to hang off his shoulders. Merchants and peddlers of all trades hustled from one place to another to sell off their wares to any who took the slightest interest.

A hooded figure managed to part the sea of men around himself without a word as if they weren't even there, but merely obstacles in his way. Priest picked up the pace of his walk managing to expertly step in between a peddler overloaded with boxes and the cloaked man. His hand reached forward to stop the peddler from potentially running into the man and destroying his merchandise. The short, burly man resembling a dwarf more than anything peered around the stack of boxes to argue with whoever seemed to be in his way. His gaze caught sight of the marine jacket first before flitting upwards to catch a glimpse of both Caelus and the hooded man. He decided it best to not say anything, settling with a low deep-throated growl he made his way around the two men.

"That could have been a messy encounter. My apologies for the late arrival but could you by any chance be the contact I'm meeting with?" He spoke respectfully taking extra care to look the man in the eyes, something his father had taught him to always do when speaking.
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The Boy Who Lived, Come to Die.
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