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After the fall of the World Government, its remnants have quickly scrambled to reconstruct their organization. Now answering to no-one, the Fleet Admiral has become King of the World Government!
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 Jack Mckneen ready

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PostSubject: Jack Mckneen ready   Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:10 pm

Basic Information

Name: Jack Mckneen
Nickname: Kidface McDEATH
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Devil Fruit: None

Height: 1.75 meters
Weight: 75 kg

Affiliation: Marines
Rank: CP9 [B-Rank]

Personal Information

Vessel: To be added at a later date. 
Hometown: Alubarna - Alabasta - Grand Line

Physical Description: Due to the lack of a better word, Jack is a rather happy-go kind of a character when you look at him. The slick smile that is almost always there, even during a mass slaughter in which most of the time he himself is participating, it will make anyone think he is actually a kind and gentle person. Everything about this young boy is giving you a false image about him. He looks like a rather nice person who is bent on saving people like some sort of a super hero. However, he really isn't. But that is something for the personality section. 

Anyways, Jack is of an average height, he is not tall, but at the same time he is not small. For some reason people have a hard time believing he is over twenty years of age. Well, this is mainly due to his face which makes him look rather young. Nobody would really give him anything above fifteen. However, although his face hasn't quite aged as much as he would have wanted, the rest of his body did. Due to the road which he chose, that of an marine officer in one of the CP's, this boy-like person has actually went through one hell of a training that shaped his body into a killing machine. Indeed, learning the art of Rokusihiki is a rather though thing as one has to become a superhuman. With that said, you could say that under those clothes this young man has a rather well built up body. 

The most unique thing about Jack is the color of his eyes. Indeed, he has some rather weird eye color. Yellow eyes are not something one can see anywhere. In fact, the color of his eyes is more golden than actually yellow. Starring at them for a while makes you see some of the twisted-ness of Jack's heart. You know what they say, the eyes are a window into a persons soul. There is some truth in that. Either way, this boy however has a hairstyle that makes it harder for someone to spot his right eye. Most of the time only his left eye will be seen. This is not because he has some sort of an injury or something, he just likes that sort of a hairstyle. Due to the black color of his hair, this hairstyle fits him. Well, black in essence is not a color, it is in fact the lack of any color. 

For some reason Jack has no scars over his body. He has been through quite a training and fought quite a few pirates who had bounties on their heads. Yet, none left a scar on him. 

Clothing: The clothes that Jack prefers are his white sleeveless shirt on top of which he wears his light blue jacket with tad darker buttons and a rather colorful tie. For reference check the image bellow. Naturally, if he is on official navy business he will also take a standard coat with "Justice" inscribed on his back. But, due to the nature of his job, that rarely happens. 


Personality: Jack is one of those people who grew up under the influence of the navy for quite a long time. Due to that he is rather fixated on justice and hunting down pirates, who he believes to be evil. On top of that he was born in a rather rich family, so that too had quite an influence in his growing up. When you take a rich boy who was literally brainwashed by the navy, you get him, a rather broken man who is driven by his false goals. 

First of all, lets start with this sense of justice that he has. Jack believes that everything the navy does is in the best interest of the world and that therefore all those who are against them are evil and must be either purged or locked up until the end of time. He rarely doubts the navy and his superiors, doing whatever dirty job they have for him. On top of that, he considers all the pirates as his enemies and thus has a simple goal, to completely annihilate them. However, although he does not mind killing those who stand in the way of justice, he is a rather proud man who does not like the blood of the filth on his hands. In other words, pirate scum which are rather weak and are thus considered true filth, he doesn't really bother with killing them directly. They are either locked up or just ignored due to their insignificance. Strong pirates on the other hand, although they are scum, they are also a threat for the World Government so they have to be killed regardless of his personal preferences. Naturally, he bases one's strength on how well can they fight him and not their rank or bounty. Those things are meaningless to him. 

Although, with a belief like that, one would find it hard that he actually dislikes killing innocent civilians. He doesn't have an issue with killing civilians who did something to oppose the navy and the World Government. But, the innocent are a whole other story. You see, due to his rich upbringing, he does not enjoy having his hands stained by the blood of such worthless beings. In essence, he is not kind, he just considers himself to be superior to them and thus refuses to slaughter them as there is no meaning in it. 

Other than that, there is nothing much about Jack that sets him apart. He is loyal for the most part, but still uses his head and makes his own judgement. Instead of being like most folks who enjoy fighting, he enjoys in winning and thus likes using all means necessary to win a fight. If the odds are against him, he will retreat. He has no issue with leaving a comrade behind if said person is not valuable to him. If the foe is weak enough he might decide saving a comrade, but only if he is bored. When he is bored he tends to sometimes pick up fights or do crazy things that are suggested by the people with who he is currently talking. He will do almost anything if it will kill his boredom. 

Pirate Belief (more like belief about pirates): Scum, needs to be locked forever. Marines are Justice, those who oppose them have no room in this world. 


  • Taking orders from intelligent superiors.
  • Serving the Justice, that is the Marines.
  • Helping old people with carrying their bags and such.
  • Capturing pirate scum, dead or alive, doesn't really care.
  • Eating exotic fruits, or any form of exotic cuisine.
  • Winning in general. 
  • Fucking women.
  • Swimming and diving.


  • Listening to someone ramble on about things he doesn't give a damn.
  • Pirate scum, especially Shichibukai as they are worse than scum.
  • Losing, it just isn't acceptable.
  • People smoking cigars in his vicinity.
  • Civilian deaths. 
  • Being bored. 
  • Places with rather cold temperatures.
  • People who damage his precious ship. 

History: The story of our young crazy Jack began exactly twenty six years ago, as the day at which his newest adventure will begin marks his twenty sixth birthday. Like it was mentioned before, he was actually born in the country of Alabasta, to be exact in the city of Alubarna, which is actually the capital of his country. Since Alabasta is a summer island in Grand Line, the day of his birth was also the day of his mother's death due to rather large temperatures that worn her out. You see, Jack's mother was not from this country so she was not quite used to these temperatures as his father was. Due to that she could not give birth to her son and live to see his face. Since her name was Jacqueline, the boy was named Jack after his mother. 

From the day of his birth till this day, Jack's uprising was filled with all sorts of privileges as he was the son of a nobleman. His father was born in this country and he belonged to the royalty of Alabasta, so his son even had the birthright to succeed the throne. However, that was not something his father wanted for him as he himself was actually interested. Due to that, from a rather early age, he actually had his son tutored in martial arts by former marine officers. By doing so he got young Jack interested into joining the Navy and leaving Alabasta. Not only that, Jack's father also constantly talked about the World Government, their justice, the Navy and CP9. These stories had a great influence on his growth as it was all he knew of, which in return made him actually follow the path that his father wanted him to follow. Basically, he was brainwashed into it. 

Brainwashed or not, as soon as he was fifteen, the young Jack officially joined the navy as a trainee. Naturally, since he started to train from a rather early age, he learned how to use Rokushiki rather quickly and was soon promoted through ranks in no time. However, since he really did not like being a normal navy officer as that did not entertain him, he pulled some strings thanks to his father and got transferred to CP9. Here the boy genius found himself a tad stuck as he could not progress any further due to the simple fact that most of the folks here were on a much higher level than he was. Then again, he was just seventeen by the time he joined CP9 so he was at the same time the youngest member there. Everyone else had years of experience and training. 

During the first missions that he got, Jack demonstrated his skills as a martial artist and easily defeated pirates that had bounties in between 15 000 000 and 25 000 000 beri. For a kid his age this was quite an accomplishment and he was praised for it. However, right away the boy noticed that his body was not as developed as that of the rest of the CP9 so he decided to find new ways of making up for it. This is how he found out about Haki. The first application of it was accidental, he had no idea that the power of the Conqueror slept deep within him. By the time he realized it, he also discovered the other two kinds of Haki and was rather overjoyed with this finding. The power of Haki was quite an amazing thing as it allowed people who did not use devil fruits to harm Logia type users. 

During the next few years Jack decided to focus on his Haki training and he rarely did any other form of training besides it. His small body type made it rather hard for him to buff his body and due to that the power of Armament Haki was just perfect for him. In the meantime he did do some more missions for CP9, but they mainly pt him up for guard duty as he really wanted to focus on his training. While developing his Haki he also developed a unique fighting style to allow him the most efficient way of combating Devil Fruit users. Not only that, for his twenty fifth birthday, his father bought him a tier five ship with everything he needed in it. This caused him to gain a lot of attention from the rest of his team members and eventually he decided to use this ship and perhaps seek out some pirates that he could hunt down. 

Extra Information

Extra Clothing: None. 
Extra Weapons: He doesn't use weapons, period.
Relationships: Will be role played out. 
Rp Sample: I haven't been on a role playing forum in a while, so this will require some digging. So, if possible, can you base this on a couple of my posts that I make after getting approved?
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Mckneen ready   Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:39 pm

RP Sample not mandatory boyo. Approved.

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Jack Mckneen ready
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