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Grandline: War Torn

After the fall of the World Government, its remnants have quickly scrambled to reconstruct their organization. Now answering to no-one, the Fleet Admiral has become King of the World Government!
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The Staff Information
Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:23 am by Aado
=The Tier System=

Tier Zeroth -  The Gold Administrators
The function of Tier Zero is the absolute command over everything of the site. They handle all aspects of the site and are responsible for making sure that the site continues to exist. System Maintenance, Combat Conflicts, Profile Acceptance, Profile Updates, System Creation and Retention of Plot Involvement, Moderation Moderator, Staff …

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 Heinrich Heinemann

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Heinrich Heinemann


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PostSubject: Heinrich Heinemann   Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:45 pm

Basic Information
Name: Heinrich Heinemann
Nickname:  /
Age:   28
Gender:  Male
Race:  Human
Devil Fruit:  Unnecessary

Height:  A solid six foot
Weight:  A healthy 65 kilogramm.

Affiliation:  Freelancer
Rank:  Whatever you see fitting, nothing in mind honestly.

Personal Information
Vessel:  Whatever works, perhaps as much as a simple stolen rowboat would suffice
Hometown:  Savage Skull

Physical Description:  
In terms of physique the six foot tall, white haired man has nothing out of the ordinary. His face carries a nose, a mouth and a pair of eyes all set in the right areas and combined with the skin which carries a rather pale nuance and the ears that are also formidably set at the right area to enable proper hearing abilities it gives a whole skull. Though his right eye has become unusable, his left eye has a wonderful orange-reddish color that speaks for itself, I would dare to assume.

Moving down the impersonation of what one would like to look like or to be thought of in everyday RP life, the man called Heinrich boasts a formidable abdomen that has properly been shaped. Though it is not the only region of his body that has undergone exhausting training, it is a rather striking aspect. Yet, what should be noted is that his arms are slightly more voluminous than they are displayed in the picture to follow.

Being a proper swordsman he takes care of his facial and bodily hair, so don’t expect to see an edited picture with a lousy santa beard added in, as that would also not be permitted or something.

In terms of clothing he apparently enjoys accessories such as some golden horn-like crap in his hair which is standing up and blowing around left and right as if cursed by the wind. Additionally he wears an eye patch as .. you know eye be broken and alas eye better off covered, yup, yup.

He wears a shoulder patch or pad if you wish to call it that that is strapped to his body via a leather belt and a decorative chain of circlets that extend all the way to his ass, well above it actually, where it is clipped to a strap of his pants. Now as one belt is not nearly enough, he wears two of them, one that actually has a purpose which is carrying the sheath of his sword and the other being for decorative measures because fuck having stable finances. Yeah he wears pants, brownish-black color and leather gloves of the same color. Also got boots in the same color if you care.

Most people would call Heinrich a douche and in all honesty… he is. Somewhat arrogant he has an inherent ability to annoy other people, though naturally that is a subjective thing and as such can not be generalized as easily as his undeniable lust for amusing himself. It is almost as if he was addicted to having some sort of fun. This fun includes mutilation, ignorance, intolerance and of course, sarcasm. He is very proud of the level of sarcasm he has reached and as such might just randomly burst into laughter when someone actually believes his claims or even better yet, actually becomes hurt emotionally because of his remarks. One could call sarcasm his elixir of life, as it really is what drives him. Nonetheless the enjoyment of gore cannot be swiped under the table. Spilling the guts of enemies? Tormenting them until their guts spill all around? Painting houses with the blood and guts of your enemies? Just call Heinrich and he’ll be there, though he’ll charge as in all sincerity that stuff is the work of a master, yo. What should be added is that Heinrich is in no way a psychopathic maniac that is good for no more than mutilating enemies or common people alike. He knows the law and sometimes even abides it or just slightly ignores it, usually the annoying parts that would spoil his fun. Quite honestly, he is not a dangerous man in most situations.

Furthermore, despite those points of his personality he enjoys a simple pun every now and then if he happens to stumble upon one randomly. Most of the time he won’t even notice that he has just made a pun unless told that he did. While on that topic, he really likes to chill out. Finding a comfortable space and get a bit of peace of mind just relaxes him which is, of course, understandable as mutilation and sarcasm can be rather draining day in and day out.

Not to forget would be the pride which he has in himself and in his skills as a swordsman. He is not the kind of person to boast about such things, as he will be preoccupied farting rainbows and shitting skittles, I mean, contemplating upon sarcastic remarks and who next to mutilate, but nonetheless deep seas are deep and stuff, or shallow waters are deep. In terms of ambition he is the most useless person to have ever set a foot on the ground of any island he has ever been to, as he has no goal at all in mind. He just lives into the day, getting by somehow through stealing, or taking some job like guarding some rich assholes snotty-nosed daughter, but hey he’ll even wipe her nose if need be and unless she annoys him too much he won’t wipe out her lights which is pretty nice to be honest.

As you might have guessed, he does have a certain tendency to let a certain temper take grasp on him, perhaps even beautifully symbolized by the color of his eyes. Usually he has himself in control though, for obvious reasons – Mutilation is no fun if the people are dead. Of course, throwing sarcastic remarks at corpses is just fun on Halloween or Christmas, perhaps on the birthday of the person involved, but that’s a rare gesture. Naturally, sarcastic remarks can simply be offensive and that is blatantly depicted by his choice of words that is anything but intellectual.
Pirate Belief: “Live like a fucking shoe and try to not step into dog shit.”
Likes: His sword, mutilation, sarcasm towards others who can’t defend themselves, emotionally scarring others, apples
Dislikes: [Oppose of that stuff that he likes], Additionally, gay people, unless they’re lesbians – he can take those, people of any color or race – though he can live amongst them and not get the urge to well.. mutilate them all.
History  :
Born a good batch of years ago on the island of the savage skull this little maggot had nothing better to do than scream whenever his mommy turned around. A first sign for his already developing humor? Who could have said that back in those days. His father was somewhat adept at handling a sword which was a necessity because that shit for brains decided to move his family on a somewhat dangerous island rather close to dangerous animals, so basically into the jungle. As it is when you’re a hermit with a stupid bitch for a woman and a baby with white fucking hair than can actually handle a butter knife better than yourself and is only a few months old, you’re without work and as such decide that since you’re already in the jungle, you could just go hunting. Long story short, the father of Heinrich died by dangerous animal that suddenly appeared on the island when he was a healthy seven years old. Nothing really interesting happened beforehand except that his father had showed him how to handle a sword as best as he could. Oh, right cute anecdote, when they sparred for the first time Heinrich almost ended up killing his dad because that guy was simply the genuine shit-for-brains. Whoopsie~!

Eventually Heinrich’s mother died of some weird jungle fever crap and was quite melodramatic about her departure from this world. Heinrich had become twelve by then and had been taking care of hunting those oh so dangerous animals for five years by then, honing his skills more and more everyday. Since it happened to be the birthday of his mother Heinrich threw a sarcastic remark at her corpse, so it was a good day after all. He didn’t even bother burying her and just went about his way towards the city where he would eventually end up some time later. Nonetheless, city is extremely exaggerated as it really was just a simple fucking house that happened to have some stinky old man living in there that had about as many teeth as well.. a person with no teeth. Luckily Heinrich could make out that a ship would come by in about two days from when he had arrived and that this ship would eventually have the capacity to take him somewhere else.

He ended up in Loguetown where he would hone his skills as a swordsman through various tasks and grow up little by little until he had reached six foot, then he would stop growing which is a rather natural process. Eventually he would get his current sword from a client because that cheap bastard was happy that his daughter was completely safe… save for her virginity, bwahahaha. Naturally that bitch would get pregnant and Heinrich thought about his father for the first time since his death and how he could simply move that bitch out into the jungle somewhere and just like… cut her up, but then he remembered that she was carrying his child and he was struck with a bad case of consciousness. He knew he had to care for her, that he had to make her life as comfortable as possible and then he took the next ship and sailed wherever.

When exactly his humor fully developed and his enjoyment of seeing his quite sturdy and durable sword slice through his enemies is not even quite certain. Though a single moment in time is hard to pinpoint and even more so when it was actually a long and complex evolution of a personality that is not easy to handle.

But either way, he is somewhere in some blue, preferably away from loguetown now and making a name for himself as a freelancer of a certain calibre… That only sometimes a day breaks the law.

Extra Information
Extra Clothing:  
Extra Weapons: Just that sword that was mentioned which shall be registered.
Relationships:In character he has a child, and that girl that he impregnated, though those positions are vastly vacant for real people.
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PostSubject: Re: Heinrich Heinemann   Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:28 pm

Approved as A-rank Freelancer. Just be sure to fill out the form in the position list topic and make it official.
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Heinrich Heinemann
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