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 Birth of the Great Pirate Age

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PostSubject: Birth of the Great Pirate Age   Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:05 am

The Marines had established power in the New World and held a firm grip upon it for a long time. They were invading on what little space was left for those free people, those pirates. With such power and authority throughout the world, no one dared oppose directly the New World Government. It was fatal on the part of many people, and the Revolutionary Army had been smashed in a great war that lasted forty years prior to this day. It was therefore, quite easy to make an impression on these now complacent World Government Officials. There would be progress.

Villains had always been lurking, waiting, and defending what had become known as the "Broken Sea". The only safe haven for any pirate in the world. Sure there were always those who existed in this world that would contribute to piracy despite the tightening grip of the Government, but as a collective these crews were few and far between. Those who were strong enough to withstand this rising force gathered for one meeting, one super alliance to repel their common foe. Who knew that help for this cause would come from the most unlikely source, a source of greed incarnate.

While these events were plotted among those who were at the forefront of the epidemic, it was the final act of rebellion that would solidify their place in history. It was here, fifteen years before the current age, the Dark Age of Piracy, that this age itself would come to an end, and usher in the Great Pirate Age. The plot had been engaged, and as the moon began to rise, and the sun fled from existence, it becomes obvious that Mariejois had become nothing more than a massive target. Especially when the four giants of the Broken Sea arrived.

Standing before the manor, Malebolgia crossed his arms in disappointment. He had risen to power nearly forty years ago, and he was not the type of person who wanted to be seen as an ally of the benefactor that had contracted him, and few others, for this task. The deal was completely sweet however. Who would suspect such a dark move. Not Malebolgia, it was for this very reason that he signed on, among other things. He would finally be able to be with the woman he had loved his entire life, and that was his driving motivation above all.

Even though she was far younger than he was, he knew that out of most females that he had met in his life, her sadistic nature touched his heart. She would keep her promise, and his benefactor would keep his promise, or else hell would come over this world in full force. No mercy for those who had been considered worthless in the eyes of the Black King. He let out a huff as he peered at the massive construct. "Today we shall destroy the establishment built upon lies and heathenistic ideals. Today, they shall suffer by thy hands. Grohouhouhou!!"

He was excited to get started, and once the other three contracted individuals arrived, he'd be the one to get things started. "Aka Aka no Jikkō-chū no hashira!" He called out as he slammed his fist into the ground in front of him. Rising columns of a black and green substance jetted forward in front of the dark skinned man at breakneck speeds, almost as if it was a bullet in itself, the substance coated the massive gates before him, and in a moment the gates and most of the surrounding wall had vanished. With no hindrances, he marched.

It was a good idea to begin this assault at night, because to do so in the daytime would of given enemies the chance to alert superpowers. The benefactor was quite specific about their mission, and it would be completed on this day without fail. The male held his arms outwards and smirked before lifting off the ground and vaulting through the air, his earlier attack hadn't made enough noise to alert the guards, but this second attack was a hell of a lot more obvious. "Aka Aka no Ryūketsu no sokuten!!!!" In a instance, screaming was heard projected.

By the time that guards raised the alarm, he was sure that his cohorts had began their killing sprees as well. His crew wasn't here, as that would've been too obvious of a threat. He treated this event as a game after-all, the power of the people here was beyond legendary, so being careless wasn't that big of a deal. His prior used technique unleashed two black wheels of death that burned through a group of patrolling guards. He knew that soon this place would swell in numbers. But that matter little to him, for he was ready to destroy.
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PostSubject: Re: Birth of the Great Pirate Age   Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:33 am

It was a time promised to them by a powerful force the four who were sent there were all eager to have the plan come off successfully. As such they had been selected from the best of the Pirate World. Two of whom were Gin Leinenkugel and Alexander Xerxes, one was a pirate of thirty who possessed odd powers and the other was a young upstart who had a mysterious flow of money. Both had agreed to join for different reasons, Alexander was more about the status and Gin cared more about the freedom the Pirates would win.

A black portal opened up on the grounds, it was in the middle of an ornate garden with hedges built into mazes and monsters. There was decadence everywhere and it fit the man who stepped out of the portal perfectly. Encased in golden armor, Alexander Xerxes slowly and calmly stepped out from his portal holding a glass of wine in his left gauntlet encased hand. Attached to his left hip was an odd sword in a dull scabbard which did not match his outfit in the least.

The young man of seventeen looked about from the left to the right before stepping out again and opening two more portals. One of which was to his left above a guard, and the other was right and from the side aiming down a row to where a guard was standing. As he drank from the glass in his hand two swords shot out, one bisecting one guard and another piercing a guard's hips.

The last attack did not kill it's victim right away and a scream went up causing Alexander to sigh and snap his fingers opening more portals throughout the grounds. The young pirate captain rarely went anywhere without his crew of trained assassins and the men dressed all in black sprang out of the portals and made quick work of the guards in the garden before establishing a perimeter and reporting back to Alexander who was finishing off his glass of wine and walking towards the northern end of the garden which connected to a rather large castle the world government resided in.

While this was happening Gin Leinenkugel made his move, he went by himself as he was rather confident in his own abilities and so it was that the older pirate was now sitting in a room inside the palace waiting for the other pirates to arrive. The man sat at a table in a guardsroom with two knocked out guards who were tied up behind some barrels of ale. Opening a red, leather bound, book Gin reclined in his seat and propped up his feet before reading and waiting. Unlike most of his fellow pirates Gin wanted something other than just fame or money, he wanted something far more precious to him.

Back in the garden Alexander received his report and nodded before snapping his finger once again opening up portals to allow his crew to leave. He only needed them for the initial entrance, anything besides that would have to a rather dire situation to allow his pride to bend and him to call them back. Instead the blonde haired pirate placed his hand on one of the doors pushing it and entering it thanks to the crew member which had picked the lock before he got there.
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Honō Burinku


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PostSubject: Re: Birth of the Great Pirate Age   Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:23 am

Hue would come sailing in on a solid black ship hidden in the night. The ship was not to really hide his presence but to symbolize the deadly black bolts coming to spark yet another intense battle but this time his crew would not be a part of his crusade. However, he would not need them for he had transcended beyond the point of normal human power and wanted to test his newfound training on these weak people standing in his way to his final goal.

“Why must this be the place for the grave of my old self I would rather be reborn on a grander battle field but this shall do…”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw his right hand man even though he was young of age his Haki and combat skills out classed most the man on the shit however, his body was yet ready for this task and the Hue knew it. However, he would indeed let him be the only other one to come along with him onto the battlefield for he was the only one that would not slow him down but do the opposite and clear the way. With that in mind before he could even tell young boy what to do you saw a flaming ship were he once was and Hue knew this was the start of the blood bath to come. He could hear already the flames scorching bodies as he jumped right behind him touching the boy on the back as to say good job.

“You are one hell of a good crew member with those skates boy might just have to help you with your own voyage one day but today is one for a blood bath…”

He would see the boy under a giant amount of strain just from taking out the ten guards in his way it took its part. He would sigh hoping he would get to see more of this boy’s potential but it was pointless now he was at his limit as a child he would have to find him another day and truly test his skills himself… Before the boy could notice Hue would send a jolt of black lightning through the boys body to knock his nerves of and paralyze him otherwise it would be an argument and he would take him back to the ship as he could see the boy questioning why he did this with his eyes.

However, he cared not for that he had a job to do and he now realized anyone other the main three with him would get in the way again going back the inner guards would have smelt the burning flesh by now and came running out questioning what had happened. Hue took this to his advantage and with steel wires on the end, he would throw five needles at the questioning guards and then send a massive black bolt into them frying them instantly. Their brains starting to leak out of their head he would smile walking into the place and covering his face with his classic mask that meant the Shadow of death was coming to finish his next victim. It truly would be the stage of this man’s rebirth with the infamous power of lightning pushing open the door for him.
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PostSubject: Re: Birth of the Great Pirate Age   Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:47 am

Malebolgia peered at the massive building in front of him, before taking a look around at those who had surrounded his location. It seemed that he was the only pirate here who actually wanted to indulge in the violence. It was quite nice really. Knowing that he had to act now, the male rose his arm above his head in the form of a fist. His malicious energy poured forth from his core, deep within his gut, and channeled into his hand. With his eyes no posed at the construct before him, his mouth opened, a smog of darkness flowed.

"Aka Aka no....." The man grinned intensely as his veins begin to pressurize. He had been toying with these men, but now was the time to make sure that the Gorosei had no ways to escape. By this time he figured everyone who planned to enter was in, and so it was perfectly fine for him to use his zoning technique. This building was now completely locked off from the world. None would be able to penetrate the density provided by the rotting energy. "Bōei no kaijin!" The words slipped out his mouth with such intensity that he cringed.

His hand shot a massive torrent of black colored liquid into the air that spread out a full fifty meters in radius from the school. Making a dome. His other hand was used in conjunction with this technique, as he had made sure that he would lock his opponents out now. He had a great amount of power himself, being immortal due to his mysterious fruit. Its mechanics were strange, but there was no doubt that his fruit was the very object that made him capable of being a yonko. "Kuroi kaiten!" The mass began to rotate faster and faster.

Now that the area was sealed off. The man stopped his smirking. He had easily been unimpressed with the others who had arrived here. Barely using their powers, barely relying on their own strength. Two of which brought along bystanders. If he had brought his crew, or even if Gin had, he knew that this mission would of concluded faster than it began. However he could not fault the upstart. Perhaps the young lad had not yet reached the pinnacle of his powers. It didn't matter however, for the five strongest men in the world where here. Malebolgia sensed it.

He walked into the building, and headed towards the grand staircase, ascending it to higher levels. Due to the entire group not being together anyway, he figured he wouldn't waste time meeting up with his supposed comrades. However his initial thoughts had become realized as he made his way to the top floor, pushed open the large metal doors, and entered the meeting room. Only a single man sat facing him. With a grin upon his face as if this event had been planned and anticipated. "Where are the others?" Malebolgia jested, before the old man spoke. "I am Redding."

As the male introduced himself, the other Gorosei made their ways towards the remaining enemies, with the last Gorosei having not been anywhere on the island. He had been personally disposed off hours earlier by someone with nearly as much power as he. But this was not common knowledge, all that was told to Malebolgia and his contemporaries was that four of the Gorosei remained, and that they were to not be taken lightly. Ironically this only enticed the Black King to take further action. Redding was one of the puppet masters, but who were the others? It was simple.

The one who was approaching Gin's location was a powerful man by the name of David Jones. A legendary ex-marine captain who resigned after his conquest of forty nations. He denied all promotions until he was given the offer to join into the Gorosei. The one who approached Hue was known as Bradley, whose family were all celestial dragons, with he being the first to become a member of the legendary organization.  He was no pushover however, as he was known for his brutality. He was the only member of the Gorosei that actually used a weapon to combat foes.

Last but not least, Alexander's opponent had not revealed himself. Preferring to wait before making his entrance. He was actually in the garden thirty meters to the right of the front entrance. Relaxing with his elite guards. He had not been phased by the invasion. It was quite odd that everyone here had known that the other was coming, it was as if the two sides had been pitted against one another. Whatever the case, everyone involved would have no choice but to be forced into conflict. The Gorosei members had no intentions of talking. Nor did they go hide.

=Fight Fade to Black=

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PostSubject: Re: Birth of the Great Pirate Age   Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:50 am

"Stay there while I enter then trash" the golden armored man would shout as he walked through the door snapping his fingers and disappearing in a golden portal. Of course that was not seen by those elite guards of the man skulking in the garden. The men in black suits ran forward to the door to secure it and keep tabs on the Yonko only to be met by a plethora of blades which soon reduced them to no more than pincushions. None of the guards had lived to report back, but even if they had Alexander was long gone by then.

"David Jones, how nice to see you again. I had thought you would be too busy sucking off dry, dusty balls to engage with me." Gin said suddenly leaning on a wall next to the ex-captain just a few meters to his left in the grand, ornate hallway. All that could be seen of Gin in the shadows was a long row of smiling teeth. There was mocking laughter followed by the statement as the man twirled to face Gin.

David Jones was dressed in old military garb and had a scar over his left eye, not that the orb was gone. On his hands were metal spikes on each knuckle and those hands were both clenched into fists. The two had quite a history together, and it was not the first time Gin would mock him.

"Now I was hoping I would get to fight the lot of you, after all, I'm not the man I used to be" Gin said chuckling darkly as David ran towards him.

"I'm more than enough for-" suddenly David stopped a grey arm emerging from his torso out the front of his chest allowing the bones and gore to bloom like a flower erupting and spilling blood into the shadows where the teeth guffawed. Blood spattered into the shade and David looked behind him to see Gin, the true Gin with his arm holding him up four feet off the ground allowing the blood to leak down onto the Yonko's body.

"Reflections my old friend, how could you ever forget my nature?" Gin said laughing as he twirled and threw the man into a wall forty meters down the hallway. The red spots of blood turned grey as the man with shaggy hair stomped towards his opponent without making a sound. His skin was grey, his open overcoat was grey, his pants were grey but his eyes were a bright orange. "Harvest time has come boyo, now get up I know that did not kill you."


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PostSubject: Re: Birth of the Great Pirate Age   

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Birth of the Great Pirate Age
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